30 reasons it’s okay that my thighs touch

breaking seams

  1. They keep each other company.
  2. I’m not a flamingo.
  3. Or Spongebob.
  4. I’m closer to being a mermaid than you are.
  5. Starving is not sexy.
  6. Thigh gaps are not indicators of fitness.
  7. My bone structure doesn’t allow for a thigh gap.
  8. And even if it did, I’m beautiful the way that I am.
  9. “Look at that thigh gap” -said no man ever.
  10. Thighs? Got ’em. Boobs? Got those too.
  11. Some body standards are IMPOSSIBLE.
  12. No thigh gap, no problem.
  13. I’m recovering from an eating disorder.
  14. Thighs were made to kiss!
  15. Good health.
  16. My thighs are big because they’re full of secrets.
  17. Because curves, my friends. Curves.
  18. Touching is a sign of affection…my body loves itself!
  19. People still love me.
  20. They keep each other warm in the winter.
  21. They can make funny clapping noises.
  22. Jiggle rhymes with giggle. Which is happy.
  23. Thigh gaps are too basic.
  24. I can use my lap as…

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